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Music Artist Takes 20 Years to Travel a Few Miles to Music Row


Nashville, TN — The road to music row has been a long one for new musical artist, Bill Wysong. Sure, every singer/songwriter talks about “paying their dues” and “fighting the odds.” Yet, Wysong says he’s literally lucky to be alive. Drugs, bar fights, car wrecks, shootouts may be fictitious lyrics to fit in with the genre for most songwriters. Yet, they read like an autobiography for this native Texan turned Nashville resident. “When it came to bad decisions, I cornered the market, but always found a way out,” says Wysong as he points to the scar in his shoulder with a .38 caliber bullet still inside. He adds, “Drug dealers don’t really appreciate being ripped off.”

Just recently released on all streaming and purchasing platforms such as Spotify and iTunes, his 3 hit album project “Gunshot Guitar,”  is unique to say the least. With songs ranging from “Momma Mary,” a ballad about his late mother, to his hard rockesque, “A Way Down,” Wysong writes and sings his life. He doesn’t try to fit a specific genre. Inspired by rockers Motley Crue and The Ramones and country musicians like Willie, Waylon, Cash, and David Allen Coe as a youth and influenced by songwriters like Bob Dylan, Steve Earle, and writing partner Bill Diluigi the last few years, Wysong’s appeal is widespread.

Growing up in Fort Worth, Texas, trouble always seemed to find Wysong. But, despite a lot of mischief and some bad grades early on in high school, he got his GPA up and was accepted to Vanderbilt University. Of course, old habits are hard to break and sound like a broken record: more drinking, more drugs and more problems. For the next twenty years, he was in and out of jail (and rehab), bounced from girlfriend to girlfriend and job to job, etc. You get the point.

It wasn’t until driving around Nashville and listening to the radio in 2017 that Wysong came to the conclusion, “All these songs sound so fake,” he recalls. He went home that night and filled up two yellow legal pads of lyrics. He had always loved music and had learned to play the guitar as a child. But, it had been years. So the next day, he drove to the guitar store and bought a Taylor guitar and started to play again.

Today, Wysong says he focuses on staying clean and sober and finds inspiration in music. “I don’t take any day for granted. I look forward to writing and playing music every day. It is something that I really love and never realized it until recently.” Looking out his back porch, Wysong realizes the irony. He only lives a few miles from the home of country music, if not music in general these days with all of the crossover artists. “Several years ago, I co-owned a mortgage company and we had an office on Music Row. I went to work every day and never thought about doing music. But, here I am. It’s pretty cool” and…that is Why Song!

Check Out Bill’s First Lyric Video, Mama Mary

Mama Mary is the first song I ever wrote and it was originally written about my mom being sick.  After she passed, I changed the tone and some of the lyrics of the song.  My mom was my best friend and I talked to her everyday for years even living a 1,000 miles away.  I think about her every day and the lyrics ring true every time I hear or sing them.

“Once again, I’m still alive”